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AC-Plus 15 Galleries-4x3

These eight galleries provide unique exhibition opportunities for community-driven exhibitions, and feature the work of emerging artists and curators. Located on the west end of the +15 walkway between City Hall and the Glenbow Museum, the +15 Galleries are always open and always free.


Current Exhibit


Indigenous Motherhood and Matriarchy

Sam Bighetty, Tania Big Plume, Amber Boyd, Autumn Cavender-Wilson, Chantal Chagnon, Tamara Eaker, Karlee Fellner, Saila Kilabuk, Sandra Lamouche, Maryanne Lindberg, Chandra Maracle, Alexandra Nelson, Stephanie One Spot, Sable Sweetgrass, Sheila Toderian, Autumn Whiteway (Night Singing Woman)


Inspired by the recent birth of curator Autumn Whiteway’s son, this exhibition explores the timeless and timely subject of motherhood and matriarchy through an Indigenous lens. Colonialism has profoundly interfered with matriarchal systems and traditional child rearing practices. Despite this, Indigenous women display a fierce resilience; providing strength to our communities, reclaiming and maintaining traditions, and passing on wisdom for the generations to come. This exhibition brings together the artwork of 16 Indigenous artists of diverse artistic practices and backgrounds from across Turtle Island. -Autumn Whiteway (Night Singing Woman)

Image: ᐊᒐᐦᑯᐢ ᐊᐋᐧᓯᐢ - acâhkos awâsis - star child by Karlee Fellner

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