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AC-Plus 15 Galleries-4x3

These eight galleries provide unique exhibition opportunities for community-driven exhibitions, and feature the work of emerging artists and curators. Located on the west end of the +15 walkway between City Hall and the Glenbow Museum, the +15 Galleries are always open and always free.


Current Exhibit


Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition

Tania & Christopher Big Plume

My art work is inspired by my Ancestors, I began doing regalia for dancers across Alberta ,then  teaching beadwork in workshops in Calgary and in Banff at museums. 


Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition

Amber Boyd

Remnants. Traces of our past are all around us, in our histories, culture, traditions, education, language, families, and relationships. 

Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition

Priscilla Boulay

I am 3rd generation carver, teaching the 4th; as Urban Inuvialuk I feel the only way I can teach my girls about our culture is through my artwork.


Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition

Jeanien Cooper Bell

My artwork is a reflection of lived experiences on the land, water and ice in Nunatsiavut


Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition

Tim Heavyshields

I have been an amateur photographer for approximately 4 years.


Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition

Ramsey Kunkel

Much of the art work I do is a mix of different photographs, camera techniques in images to achieve final image, so often a mix of real and imaginative. 


Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition

Sandra LaMouche

My focus is on dance and healing. I use a nehiyaw storytelling perspective and land-based practices. 


Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition

Morgan Possberg

Morgan creates imaginative, illustrative objects that fill the gaps in their understanding of Indigenous narratives; they are not an absolute truth but one possible narrative among many; a way to connect with the past through layers of abstraction, with no right or wrong answer. 


Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition

Dale Swampy

The beauty of the lone star design captivated me when i first witnessed one.


Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition

Thea Thomas

I enjoy working from a hands on based approach in my practice. Being able to touch and feel the work throughout its creation is important.


Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition

Autumn Whiteway

Autumn Whiteway (“Night Singing Woman”) is a Saulteaux/Métis archaeologist, artist, traditional craftworker, and curator based in Mohkinstsis (Calgary, Alberta).

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