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Arts Commons Presents' distinguished speaker series, National Geographic Live, delivers behind-the-scenes stories, stunning imagery, and gripping footage from world-renowned photographers, scientists, authors, filmmakers, conservationists, and adventurers.

We are grateful to the following members of Explorers Circle that help bring these intrepid Explorers to Calgary and inspire positive change in the world.

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Engagement Sponsors

From Shallows to Seafloor by Marine Biologist Diva Amon

A Voice for Nature by Photographer Jasper Doest

Michel Bourque & Bryan Clarke,
A Voice for Nature by Photographer Jasper Doest

Doug Flaig & Helen Timmons,
Giants of our Solar System by NASA Aerospace Engineer Tracy Drain

Ken Havard,
Wild Hope by Photographer & Filmmaker Ami Vitale


Antony, Kathleen & Alexander Deakin
Joel Lipkind & Sally Sprague-Lipkind
Jordan & Nyssa Moore
Alex & Aliza Sarian


Anonymous (3)
Maureen Armitage & Shane Matthews
Caroline Barham
Sandra & Simon Barker
Cabra Consulting Ltd.
Colleen & Norm Dickson
David, Roxanne & Lochlan Dunlop
Greg Epton & Greg Robertson
Derrick Finney
Barb Gosling & Derek Small
Tasha Komery
Janine LaBossiere & Dave Taylor
Beverly & Gavin Matthews
Brian Mills & Susan Tyrrell
James & Janice Morton
Leona Moser, Steve Gietz, and Claire & Owen Farrow
Gary & Roxanne Steen
Don Surphlis & Peggy Smigarowski
Joyce Warren & Vanessa Arrate
Pat Wismer

Associate Explorers

Anonymous (1)
Karin Coles
Barry Crean
Paul English & Marion Woodman
Brenda Fick
Chris & Melissa Hannam
Lara King
Leslie Lawrence
Ayn Loeppky
Andrew & Sarah-Jane Petti
Sharon Thomas
Kevin Treptau & Tracy Brenner
Meaghan Underhill
David & Jennifer Wells
Pam Whaley
Williams Matthew Family


Randy Bignell
Tom Blakemore
Marlene Cole
Rebecca Gardner
Hilda Kinakin
Christina Mattern
Jodi Marshall
Ms. T. Sawatzky
Shannon Stevenson
Sabrina Thornton

“My parents and I believe it’s important to support education and help students that might not have a chance. I’m really happy to know that other kids will now have the same opportunity as me, to see such exciting Explorers as Astrobiologist Kevin Hand.”

~ Alexander Deakin, Trailblazer Member