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Hear how sound becomes art in one of the few multichannel sound galleries in Canada – the +15 Soundscape. Showcasing the creations of local and national sound artists, Soundscape takes your daily walk to a new level and makes it an immersive arts experience. Located on the +15 level near the Theatre Calgary and Alberta Theatre Projects administrative offices, just west of the City Hall +15 walkway. 

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Are you a sound artist?  

Arts Commons invites sound artists, from across Canada and the world, to submit their multichannel sound art proposals. Visit our Artists Opportunities page for more information.


Current Exhibition



Ryle Ramirez, featuring Jake Warren and MOSS

Ryle Ramierz, in collaboration with Jake Warren (Photographer & Cinematographer) and MOSS (Painter, Poet & SongWriter), embarked on the creation of this thought-provoking soundscape project titled, Intentions. Our aim was to shine a light on the moments and snippets of life that we often overlook while pursuing our individual purposes. Through this project, we sought to uncover the subtle and profound beauties that life has to offer, guided by sincere and positive intentions.

The talented Artists, Jake Warren and MOSS, embarked on a remarkable journey to explore the profound essence of life through the sounds they absorbed and observed. Intentions aimed to immerse the audience in their daily lives by capturing brief 5-second recordings. Throughout eight consecutive days, they diligently collected a total of 72 recordings, each reflecting their unique experiences and surroundings.

Join us and let the carefully curated recordings transport you to their world, where every sonic fragment tells a story

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