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+15 Soundscape


Hear how sound becomes art in one of the few multichannel sound galleries in Canada – the +15 Soundscape. Showcasing the creations of local and national sound artists, Soundscape takes your daily walk to a new level and makes it an immersive arts experience. Located on the +15 level near the Theatre Calgary and Alberta Theatre Projects administrative offices, just west of the City Hall +15 walkway. 

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Are you a sound artist?  

Arts Commons invites sound artists, from across Canada and the world, to submit their multichannel sound art proposals. Visit our Calls for Submissions page for more information.


Current Exhibition

The Bardo of Becoming

The Bardo of Becoming


...when I was 14 years old the universe slapped me really hard. I was in a catastrophic accident on the way home from junior high school one fall day. My head, then my body, then my bike, hit the ground going very fast because the front wheel assembly cracked clean off, flying over my shoulder. Two things happened; TBI (traumatic brain injury) and a coma. I can only remember one real thing and what I’ve been told...when I woke up my Nana was standing over me with my family G.P. and two RCMP officers (they thought I was involved in a hit and run, whilst I thought I had done something really bad). I didn’t know anybody...I was more frightened than I had ever been. I tried to move...I couldn’t. I had this contraption bolted and screwed onto me to keep my head from causing more injury to my already severely messed up neck. I had no idea what was happening. I just recall freaking out...and blacking out. That was the first 30 seconds of a very new paradigm a new reality...the part terrified me was in the blackness...the chaos, the confusion...being yelled at and screamed at. And by what? I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure that out. 

My life for me starts there....everything else, someone else told me...imagine...this page of words gets shaken so that all the letters end up in a pile on the’s up to you to try to assemble them to resemble ANYTHING THAT MEANS ANYTHING TO ANYBODY...welcome to my experience. Are you experienced? pffffft!...I laughed when I heard that...I thought “yer fuckin kidding me right?”...I had to relearn almost everything, from using utensils to tying my shoes. I forgot how to count, divide, all that cool shit and my grades went to shit. I didn’t like people anymore, all I wanted to do was make music...that math saved my ass! Things came back slowly through effort which I didn’t know I possessed. Still a big black hole before that though...well, enough of me yackin...I’ve been searching under every rock, every dusty corner, through books and sermons and prayers and firewalks and seminars...sometimes understandings from other “experienced” ones...ultimately this all lead me to California and Gautama Buddha...and Rinpoche Padmabamsava who introduced Buddhism to Nepal from India...another life changing paradigm. When I was being taught how to meditate my reaction was “...I’ve been in this state since that hospital room.” I was home the whole time!!!!...the search brought me, to me....which brings me to you...dear ones. The Buddhists tell of the place one ends up in, very many times, at the moment of one's physical demise on this's called the “Bardo of Becoming.” The crude way of saying it is your “soul” has to search for and to watch people copulating until that aspect of you finds a recognizable situ to be born into once more...Here’s the deal. One is obligated to remember the lessons, the awareness, the compassion of each turn of the wheel to put oneself onto the fastest route to realize one is, and has been, in Buddhahood all along. To get to Pure Buddhaland, to not have to be born into suffering again, it’s like school, more like kindergarten. Those Mandalas...they are guide one through one’s aspects...maps of one’s consciousness...before perfecting into guessed it...BUDDHA....AND we have guides, if we remember them...female aspects of Buddha called good angel bad angel anyone’s Tinkerbell. So, I dumped all of THIS into THAT (teehee!, inside Buddhist joke!) and here we are...the blind leading the blind, yet again...with a good story, plenty of tears, sorrows, and wonderings, and every level is different understandings, different remembrances. I’ve set out to express these feelings through sounds, a sound movie, with audio I’ve collected from my adventures and new sounds I’ve created....less about music and melody...more about gut fear and the divine...and dark places and THE LIGHT!!!...yes, the cliche is real...really friggin scary. I’m still that 14-year-old scared kid...trying to stay out of the Jell-O tree...heavy enough for ya??? I’ve learned one thing...everything is not all’s half left at the same time. 

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