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AC-Ledge Gallery-4x3

Lose yourself in our largest gallery space, showcasing an eclectic range of art installations and performative and sculptural works by local artists. This unique space has windows on two sides, allowing the work to be viewed from the outside looking in at any time the building is open. Entering the space and interacting with the artist and their work is welcomed when the artist is present. Exhibitions, projects, and residencies in this location will run on one- to three-month intervals. 

Ledge Gallery is located on the +15 level, west of City Hall, overlooking Centre Court.


Current Exhibit


CIF Reconciliation Society

Over the Month of April and into early May Colouring It Forward (CIF) Reconciliation Society and it's artists will be utilizing the LEDGE GALLERY as a production Studio Space in preparation for the next exhibition in the +15 Galleries :  Building Bridges and ReconciliACTION Arts Exhibition by CIF Reconciliation Society in partnership with Arts Commons, which features 14 artists who have come together to collaborate and create work together to promote healing and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

Brendon Many Bears and Słavek Pytraczyk 
Marley Tahize HeavyShield and Wilmer Aburto
Quenton Whitecalf and Melody Poon 
Andrew Holloway and Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess 
Isis Horne Hill and Jeremy Richardson
VL Parker and Kateryna Pysarenko
Kristy North Peigan & Andrea Dillingham-Lacoursiere
Dale Swampy and Sheila Norris

About CIF Reconciliation Society
CIF Reconciliation Society delivers art-based workshops and events that provide education on Indigenous ways of knowing and promote healing and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. We organize art exhibits on the theme of Truth & Reconciliation, language apps and an annual Orange Shirt Day Walk and Event called Pokaiks the Children

Exhibiting Artists

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