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AC-Window Galleries-4x3

The Window Galleries encompass seven unique spaces showcasing two-dimensional and sculptural artworks by local emerging artists and art collectives. Located in the hall adjacent to the Max Bell Theatre, on the main level of Arts Commons, the Window Galleries immerse you in the arts experience from the moment you enter the building. Exhibitions in this location run on three-month intervals.


Current Exhibit

10_SENDNUDES_Kenzie Housego

Online 💕 Intimacy

Kenzie Housego

Online 💕 Intimacy explores contemporary courtship by investigating past and present modes of dating rituals.   

Monroe et al._Kathryn Kozody

Monroe et al.

Kathryn Kozody

My art is an outlet and self-reflective journey of undoing all the doings nonconsensually thrust upon me by ill-intentioned forces.
PRXY WRLD_Trey Madsen

The Generation Who Did Nothing

Trey Madsen

Open-minded, and embracing a vast array of inspirational material from "The Everyday" such as movies, art, music, popular vibes, unpopular opinions, current trends, the music playing in grocery stores - and every other virulent influence that we experience from The Everyday.”

Zachs_Alien_Eggs_001_Zachary Cardinal

Space Eggs

Zachary Cardinal
Space has inspired me from science fiction to recent planetary science discoveries. Space Eggs is a series of six sculptures. Glass eggs nests above black columns, and the fragility of the Egg is elevated to a height of a certain topple.

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