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AC-Window Galleries-4x3

The Window Galleries encompass seven unique spaces showcasing two-dimensional and sculptural artworks by local emerging artists and art collectives. Located in the hall adjacent to the Max Bell Theatre, on the main level of Arts Commons, the Window Galleries immerse you in the arts experience from the moment you enter the building. Exhibitions in this location run on three-month intervals.


Current Exhibit


In Living colour

Clerie Eugene

As a Black woman born in a country where I am the minority it can be very easy to feel disempowered. 

My art is all about self-expression, finding beauty in other people, especially strong women. I find influence and inspiration in the people around me and the light and colour they bring into my world. With this specific work showcasing the diverse shades and colours found in the Black disapora, I’m heavily inspired by Black women and my culture. My art is all about the power found in the female form.


Spacetime and Love

Mide Kadiri

I love telling stories through drawings and paintings. I love making large pieces of art. Art has given me the ability to appreciate my surroundings, treat those around me kindly, and reinforce self-positivity. Art has let me express the unfathomable, to communicate my unexplainable emotions and to connect with our world of diverse peoples. By creating public art, I can express myself at a greater level. I can connect more with people that I might never talk to in my life. That’s the power of public art. To inspire those that we unknowingly cross paths with every day.


the places we’ve left behind

Ryle Ramirez

Ryle Ramirez is a contemporary artist whose innovative use of installation art, mixed media, and media art reflects his unconventional and unapologetic views. Through his thought-provoking works, viewers are encouraged to engage in introspection while admiring the complex nature of each of his artworks. Ramirez's unique approach challenges preconceived notions and elicits a relatable and almost nostalgic reaction from his audience.


we were growers

Danny Luong

“we were growers” is an ongoing project by Danny Luong. The aim of this project has been to visit and photograph Vietnamese cannabis farms funded and created by my extended family that exist in a ‘grey area’ within the law inside interior BC.

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