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The Window Galleries encompass seven unique spaces showcasing two-dimensional and sculptural artworks by local emerging artists and art collectives. Located in the hall adjacent to the Max Bell Theatre, on the main level of Arts Commons, the Window Galleries immerse you in the arts experience from the moment you enter the building. Exhibitions in this location run on three-month intervals.


Current Exhibit


Somewhere in Between

Derian Valdes

Since I can remember I've obsessively observed, admired, and practiced the movements in sports, dance and all things that the human body can master. Being able to put these moments on a canvas soothes my hearts desire to own these subtle moments. Working on large canvas with paint gives me the opportunity to relive as well as become one with all of these experiences. Creating has been apart of my whole life in this way, it all just makes more sense and gives me a feeling of pure freedom when I can create it as an artist.

I describe myself as an observer of movement and constantly in search of mastery over the human body. Titled Somewhere in Between because if you pay close attention to movement you understand that there is a beginning and end to every step, a push and an impact to a good punch and a reach and pull from every embrace. Within all these actions, the moments in between fade quickly and go unnoticed but it is within these points of time where you find true fluidity in the nature of the movement and the subtle beauty of a master at work. That's what connects these paintings, a snapshot of a moment floating somewhere between a beginning and an end.


Somewhere in Nowhere

Leia Guo

Somewhere in Nowhere is an exhibition of unique vitreoscape prints and glass pieces that explore the theme of “hiraeth” - defined as a homesickness for a home that no longer exists. Artificial Chinook arches are created through the application of hand-blown glass plates during the printing process; a symbol of home and belonging, regardless of geography, seasonal timing, or other factors. In contrast, the landscape is impossible and mundane, consisting of views across Alberta that cannot be traced back to a single place. The finished photographs are ”nowhere” places that are made “somewhere” by the desire to find any familiar glimpses of home. The exhibition will includes framed silver gelatin prints ceiling hung glass plates that project optical distortions throughout the space, and plinth based glass pieces.


Pink Friday

Markes Rakim

The way I approach art can be looked at as unorthodox, there aren't specific rules that I put in place, simply because I believe that as an artist, you should be allowed to create without having too many invisible barriers that could prevent you from trying something new. I wanted to show this side of me mainly because when the idea had initially arrived, it was fresh, and the setting/ location had just opened. I knew I had to jump on things promptly otherwise I probably would've grown stressed and discouraged. This is where I find myself as an artist, and I prefer to not waste time as soon as these ideas hit. I'll write it down, meditate, pray on it, then move accordingly. As a first time filmmaker I now look to continue moving forward in this practice, and contributing as much as I can in this space of creativity.


Forevermore and A Discontinued Childhood

Rawry & Powly Art.

Their blended mediums are rooted in pop art; their artwork features striking geometrically shaped characters with minimal, iconic line weight, bold, vibrant colours, shape theory, farcical names and descriptions. Over the years, their practice expanded from canvas paintings and prints to murals, sculptures, street furniture, and more. Each project awarded was an opportunity to engage with and spark joy. Their motto, "celebrate your inner child," is an invitation for viewers to tap into their sense of wonder and playfulness.

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