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Our People


Alex Sarian - President & CEO

President's Office
Alynn Spence - Chief of Staff
Kelsey Deveraturda - Executive Administrative Assistant

Strategic Projects
Tasha Komery - Vice President, Strategic Projects

Greg Epton - Vice President & Chief Advancement Officer

Development & External Relations
Daniel Mills - Director, Development  
Cheryl Cornelson - Senior Development Officer
Meaghan Underhill - Development Officer
Michaela Jeffery - Development Associate

Arts Commons Transformation (ACT) Campaign
Lisa Stephen - Campaign Manager, Arts Commons Transformation

Colleen Dickson - Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Shannon Ambrose - Administrative Coordinator

Capital Projects
Rafal Lichman - Director, Capital Projects

Ekaterina Pervakova - Controller
Tim Beattie - Senior Finance Administrator
Kim Imhoff - Finance Administrator
Lucy Tan - Accounting Technician
Jessica Ritchie - Administrative and Accounting Coordinator

Event Services
Chantel Wons - Associate Director, Event Services
Marinya Marcichiw - Event Services Coordinator
Anita Banks - Head House Manager
Alycia Chornohus - House Manager 
Blair Burrows - Bar Operations Supervisor
Jason Ho - Bar Operations Coordinator
Montana Versluys - Scheduling Coordinator
Alexandra Gibson - Booking Logistics Coordinator

Facility Operations
Jason Nieskens - Manager, Facility Operations 
Breezy Manning - Facility Operations Supervisor
Jordan Alvarez - Facilities Maintenance
Jijo BabyJose - Facilities Maintenance

Human Resources
Glennl Miguel - Manager, People and Culture

Information Technology
Samir Boubenna - Manager, IT
Terry Rowley - Desktop Support Analyst
Emmanuel Mukandwa - Junior Database Administrator
Kyle Perry - IT Junior Technical Support

Dave Mikkelsen - Manager, Security & Life Safety
Kevin Chin - Security Supervisor
David Gustafson - Security Supervisor
Cody Rilling - Security Supervisor

Sheena Baird - Associate Director, Ticketing Services
Amy Packham - Manager, Ticketing Services
Terry Bursey - Ticketing Representatives Supervisor
Marcus Ogden - Ticketing Services Associate

Venue Operations 
Brian Beaulieu - Director, Venue Operations
Kellie Knight - Associate Director, Production
Cameron Clowe - Associate Production Manager
Matthew Gault - Associate Production Manager
Meg Thatcher - Head of Stage for the Jack Singer Concert Hall
Shannon Hipson - Associate Head of Stage, Jack Singer Concert Hall 
Terry Aalders - Head of Sound, Jack Singer Concert Hall
Keane Eng - Associate Head of Sound, Jack Singer Concert Hall & Production System Technician
Kris Ladd - Head of Lighting
Matthew Gilbutowicz - Alternate Head of Lighting
Arran Fisher - Alternate Head of Sound, Jack Singer Concert Hall
Ian Lane - Technical Coordinator, Engineered Air Theatre

Sarah Garton Stanley - Vice President, Programming

Social Impact
Joshua Dalledonne - Associate Director, Creative
Sanja Lukač - Senior Curator, Visual & Media Arts
Jahdayl Spence - Programming Coordinator

Karen Youngberg - Associate Director, Education
Jennifer Roberts - Education Specialist
Paula Timm - Programming Assistant & Education Specialist


Kaija Dirkson - Vice President, Brand & Audience Development

Marketing & Communications
Carly Maga - Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications
Nicole Swanson - Senior Manager of Marketing and Sales 
Alex Bonyun - Manager, Communications
Christopher Vereshagin - Social Media Lead
Bren Pladsen - Digital Experience & Multimedia Designer
Antonia MacConnell - Graphic Designer