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The ConocoPhillips Hub for Inspired Learning

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Welcome to the ConocoPhillips Hub for Inspired Learning, a Campus Calgary School Site, where Arts Commons becomes the springboard into curiosity and imagination!

This award-winning program immerses students and teachers in a five-day customized, creative exploration of their year-long inquiry or big question. Working, creating, and learning alongside visual, performing, and technical experts, your class makes meaningful connections to their curriculum, their community, and themselves. Hands-on exploration inspires critical thinking and problem-solving skills, mindfulness, diversity and cultural awareness while discovering the joy of learning alongside their peers. 

Big Question/Inquiry Ideas include:

  • How can our past inform our present and futures?
  • How can I be a change-maker?
  • How can creativity and innovation improve our quality of life?
  • How are we all connected?
  • How does our city respond to change?
  • What are the impacts of my actions?
  • How do we create a sense of place and belonging?
  • How do we take risks and build resiliency within ourselves / our community?
  • What stories can we tell? Whose story can we hear?
  • What is empathy?
  • How do the arts reflect the values found in society?
  • How can we solve problems?

Applications for the 2023-24 school year closed on May 10, 2023.  To find more information about applying for our next year of programs, please email or call 403-294-7414.

Find more information about applying to the ConocoPhillips Hub for Inspired Learning through the Campus Calgary / Open Minds portal.

Questions? Contact our Education Team at 403-294-7414 or

“This is what makes my teaching relevant. I wished we could spend even more time in this space. It is also inspiring spending time with educators who understand the arts. It is reinvigorating and enriches my own experience as a teacher. Thank you for such an incredible week.”

– Participating Teacher

“I just think that I would give this place 80 million stars out of ten!”

– Gr. 5 Student

The Calgary Board of Education is pleased to partner with Campus Calgary Open Minds and Arts Commons to provide our students with unique, experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom that uncover curriculum through the lens of the arts.

– Trina Hurdman, Chair of the CBE Board of Trustees

“As a company with more than 100 years of history in Canada, it is important to us to contribute to the communities where we live and work. We are pleased to support the passionate men and women at Arts Commons who provide fascinating, educationally rich environments for local students to engage in hands-on discovery, exploration, and reflection.”

– Kirk Johnson, ConocoPhillips Canada President

The Calgary Catholic School District is excited to continue our collaborative relationship with Arts Commons and Campus Calgary Open Minds. With the generous support of ConocoPhillips Canada, our current and future students will have opportunities to discover arts learning in an innovative and vibrant community setting.

– Cheryl Low, Chair of the CCSD Board of Trustees

Nothing beats the experience of a live show. With six resident companies and eleven venues, we offer endless ways to get that rush.

“This experience was unlike anything we could provide our students in the classroom. The artists brought out new creativity and confidence in the students that I, as their teacher, had never seen before. It was really a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you!!”

- Grade 1/2 Teacher, Buffalo Rubbing Stone

“It renewed my passion to be creative with students! The pandemic and the pressures that have gone along with it has really taken a toll on teachers. This program was not only amazing for the students but also reinvigorated me as a teacher to have fun with the students!”

- Teacher, BRS

“Thank you so much for helping provide my students with experiences they would not have without you and your support. My class was inspired and shown many wonderful things they are capable of doing. They met artists who they could relate too! Thanks so much!!!”

- Grade 6 Teacher, St. Wilfrid

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