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About Us

Mission, Mandate, & Values

Arts Commons is the steward of Western Canada's largest arts centre, and the artistic and civic cornerstone of Calgary's downtown core, comprised of six world-class resident companies. By championing inclusion and reconciliation, and increasing the accessibility and reach of the arts in Calgary, we are reimagining the performing arts and ensuring their rightful place at the centre of civic life.


Our Belief

That equitable access to the arts is a human right.


Our Responsibility

To redefine a bold and adventurous Calgary by championing and investing in creativity.


Our Mission

To be an inspirational force where artists, community, and organizations celebrate cultural identities, experience the full breadth of human emotions, and ignite positive change. 


Our Mandate

  • To provide and care for artists and arts organizations

  • To ensure equitable access and utilization of our venues

  • To foster, promote, and celebrate a vibrant arts community


Our Strategic Priorities

The organization's strategic priorities include supporting the artists and arts organizations that call Arts Commons home, including the more than 200 community groups that utilize our venues, to realize their missions, and to foster opportunities for collaboration across our cultural campus.

Our Values

Do the right thing 

behaving with integrity, applying professionalism, being honest, and erring on the side of grace.

Be our best always

in service, in leadership, in professionalism, and in providing a quality experience.

Be open: minds, hearts, arms

through empathy, openness, trust, and collaboration, seizing opportunities to impact our community in a positive way.


Our Impact

Explore our most recent Reports to Community and discover how we live our mission of bringing the arts to all of Calgary, and vice versa

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