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National Geographic Live

Jasper Doest: A Voice for Nature

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For Jasper Doest, photography isn’t just about making award-winning images—it’s a way to give a voice to the wildlife with whom we share this planet. He creates visual stories that explore the relationship between humankind and nature—a critical subject as human impact on the planet increases. Doest looks to "rewilding," or creating more space for wildlife and natural processes, to forge a sustainable new balance between humans and the wilderness.  

The wildlife that the Dutch photographer highlights spans the reaches of the globe. Through his photos, you’ll meet Bob the flamingo, who was rescued by a vet on the island of Curaçao after a collision with a window left him with a concussion. You'll meet the reclusive Japanese macaques, or “snow monkeys,” as their expressive faces and distinct personalities captured by Doest as they soaked in the local hot spring in Honshu, Japan.  
Whether in tropical or arctic climates, documenting birds, primates, or our own human impact, Doest’s emotional images are an urgent reminder of the beauty and fragility of our planet. Join Arts Commons Presents and National Geographic Live for Jasper Doest: A Voice for Nature at the Jack Singer Concert Hall in Arts Commons.
New This Season
ASL Interpretation for Sunday Presentations

Arts Commons Presents will be providing an ASL Interpreter for the Sunday matinee of Jasper Doest: A Voice for Nature. The interpreter will be located toward the left side of the stage when viewing from your seat. For the best view, choose Orchestra or Mezzanine level seating. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please email