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What if we gave permission to others to be immersed in the messy-ness of art making? What if art was created in the process of discovery and wasn’t just a product? What if we used art-making to learn about others and the world around us? What if we allowed students to make and to create, and take it out into the world?

Welcome to Arts ReimaginED

Now in its second year, we take a bold new step with Arts ReimaginED: THE MAKING. Inviting all Calgarians to rethink and reengage in arts education.

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This May, Arts Commons is sending local teaching artists to Calgary schools for 120 workshops to activate the imagination and inspire curiosities – for FREE! 

Five teachers from the first-to-know list will be guaranteed a free workshop in your classroom AND you will be one of the first to be sent a link when registration opens at the end of February 2024.

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The arts create a vibrant and inclusive learning experiences that ignites your childrens’ imagination, develops their unique talents, and cultivates a lifelong appreciation for creativity. Unlock your child’s potential with arts education workshops – FREE at Arts Commons!


Summit for Everyone

Be part of redefining what arts education means in your community! Teaching artists, teachers, and parents are invited to take part in the Arts ReimaginED Summit. Sign up to be the first to know!


You are vital in shaping arts education in our community. Stay connected with us to learn how to be part of the next phase of Arts ReimaginED!

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Arts ReimaginED 2023

In 2023, through support and collaboration, Arts ReimaginED, brings together teachers, parents and caregivers, and teaching artists to bring arts education back into the lives of children and youth. Arts education provides foundational learning building blocks that develop core competencies in the next generation of successful adults. Learn more about the importance of arts education in Calgary from our Arts Education Benchmark Survey.

During UNESCO's International Arts Education Week in May 2023, Arts ReimaginED launched in-classroom workshops, professional development sessions, arts education activations at community centres, and a summit to discuss the future of arts education in our city.

Over 7 days, 24 teaching artists provided 148 free art activations to all 4 quadrants of Calgary, totalling 178 hours of hands-on learning!


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