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Occasionally eccentric and always thought-provoking, Broadcast Lab showcases new experimental films while sharing stories, ideas, and connections about Canadian identity and is one of the only permanent exhibition spaces for film and media in Western Canada. See film, video art, animations, and short documentaries, on three media monitors throughout Arts Commons. Through a curatorial selection process, Broadcast Lab programs up to 24 local and national media artists annually in exciting micro-cinema exhibitions running three months in duration. 

Are you a media artist?  

Arts Commons invites media artists to submit their short films, animations, video art, media art, and short documentaries. Visit our Calls for Submissions page for more information.


Current Exhibitions


Bruce Thomas Miller

Kin was a project that was produced with the assistance of Banff Centre for the Arts - Adventure Filmmaking Lab 2023. Kin is a short film (3 minutes) about a man who has lost connection to Mother Earth. Mother Earth speaks to him as he wanders the town, looking for something. The voice of Mother Earth resonates in their relationship. Bruce Thomas Miller wrote, co-directed and co-produced the film to remind us that we, as a society, have forgotten our relationship with nature. We have forgotten that we are one with nature and must treat it as such. Kin is a poetic short film that examines our precious relationship. Bruce also had the opportunity to be the actor in this short project and he plans on expanding upon it and making it into a short experimental film. Kin is the beginning of something special.


Halo Halo
Jasmine Atay

Halo Halo
(mixed in Tagalog) is a multimedia showcase that delves into the intricate ways migration shapes the identities of first-generation Filipinos in Canada. Through creative storytelling, animation, and both digital and traditional visual arts like printmaking, Halo Halo works to capture the journey of adaptation and belonging.

The exhibition consists of four two-minute interviews featuring Harvey, Moey, Euniz, and Sylvia as they speak about their life in their adopted country and its impact on their identity. Accompanied by an animated luggage carousel video containing an extensive list of Filipino migrants to Alberta since the 1960s (courtesy of the Philippine Art Council); both provide a holistic perspective of identity and belonging among first-generation Filipinos in Canada.


Kamika Bianca Guerra-Walker

Coming Soon


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