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National Geographic Live

Sandesh Kadur: Wild Cats Revealed

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Sandesh Kadur first encountered a wild cat in his native India as a teenager—after sitting in a tree for hours under a full moon, a leopard walked directly under him. The experience sparked a fascination that led him to spend his career documenting the country’s unmatched diversity of wild cats.  

With landscapes spanning the towering Himalaya, arid plains, and dense jungles, India is home to a wider array of wild cats than anywhere else in the world. While many of the big cats are well known and thoroughly documented, photographer and filmmaker Sandesh Kadur is on a mission to highlight the country’s lesser-known felines to protect their future. Discover the tiny, grumpy-faced Pallas’s cat, the
fishing cat that jumps into water to catch its prey, and the ancient, elusive clouded leopard. Join Arts Commons Presents’ National Geographic Live series to get an up-close look at a world of wild cats you’ve never seen before, all through Kadur’s captivating images and video.

 "My job is to wake up early, head into the jungle, and find the coolest animals to film. I typically wait for hours to catch just one creature on camera. It's worth it though. Powerful images help us feel connected to nature. I strive through film to create that same connection for others." – Sandesh Kadur

 "Another time I was hiding in high grass in India's Kaziranga National Park when two rhinos suddenly started chasing each other. They were like bulldozers charging in circles around me. I could hear their thundering hooves as I filmed the encounter." – Sandesh Kadur