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TD Amplify Cabaret Series

Moon: Indigo Child

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In this season of TD Amplify Cabarets, we are taking you to the interstellar edges of the known and unknown universe – this is Johnny Carson on the International Space Station. This is Seth Meyers meets Sputnik. Our hosts Sargeant x Comrade – aka Yolanda Sargeant and Evgeniy "Comrade" Bykovets – are piloting the variety show of Calgary's intergalactic dreams to the stage of the Engineered Air Theatre. 

Under the theme of Moon: Indigo Child, we’re embracing our nocturnal sides. How does your perspective change at night? What secrets will emerge in the darkness, what surprises will be illuminated? 

In the final TD Amplify Cabaret of their fellowship, Sargeant x Comrade take us to the dark side of the moon to visit intergalactic synth adepts Alien Trap Lords along with decorated Sufi acousmatic composer and sound sculptor Shumaila Hemani.

Come early and stay late to meet the artists in our intergalactic lobby featuring tunes by Catfishthewizard (June 2) and DJ Goodmedicine (June 3).