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BD&P World Stage


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Hailing from Kyiv, DakhaBrakha, whose name means “give/take” in old Ukrainian, takes audiences on a roller coaster of rhythmic storytelling, theatrical experimentation and folk culture from around the world. Their musical spectrum is intimate then riotous, trans-national but rooted in traditional Ukrainian sounds, and plumbs the depths of contemporary roots and rhythms while inspiring cultural and artistic liberation. 

Created in 2004 at the Kyiv Center of Contemporary Art, a DakhaBrakha performance is far more than a concert: their shows have never been staged without impressive theatrical flair. From rich costumes, multimedia projections, and a playful performance style, DakhaBrakha dazzles every audience it has met around the world. But that doesn’t mean they shy away from important issues impacting their home country. In their current tour, their goal is to find balance between humour and the gravity of Ukraine’s war with Russia. 

Join Arts Commons Presents and the BD&P World Stage series to experience the live world music phenomenon, and witness the power of Ukrainian history, culture, art, and protest.

"People will travel to see them from all over as they have a magnetism that captivates audiences and makes them want to come back." – The Fire Station

"DakhaBrakha's approach is open, passionate, and joyous—listening to them, you feel like you know what their country is fighting for." – Chicago Reader 

"For years, DakhaBrakha has called themselves 'Ambassadors of free Ukraine.' Their shows have been punctuated with cries of 'Stop Putin!' and 'No war!' Now, they hear those demands reflected and amplified around the world." – NPR