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High Performance Rodeo


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After successfully mastering Shakespeare with SOLD OUT runs of Macbeth at the Shakespeare Company in Calgary, Bard on the Beach in Vancouver, and the Stratford Festival, Wug, Kragva and Moog gleefully descend on the High Performance Rodeo with a rendition of Sophocles’ Oedipus that is sure to send you scream-laughing all the way to your therapist. 

In a narrative determined to delve deeper into the Dionysian degeneracy of the human race, three Goblins dissect the dithyrambic to offer up a cautionary tale of patricide, incest, and eye-gouging comedy.

Amid a deadly plague that brings the city to its knees, the citizens of Thebes beg their leader Oedipus to find a cure. Upon receiving word from the Oracle at Delphi, which warns that the only remedy is to uncover and punish the murderer of the previous king, Oedipus vows to ferret out the assassin and see Justice served. What follows is a journey of ironic self-discovery that proves there is no out-running Fate, no arguing with the Gods, and that marriage is the birthplace of tragedy.

A Spontaneous Theatre Production created by Rebecca Northan and Bruce Horak.