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Front Row Centre Players Presents

CARRIE The Musical

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Someday, oh my, someday, someone will know my name

Based on the novel by Stephen King, this contemporary, revamped version of the 1988 musical of the same name follows Carrie White, a young woman who discovers she has telekinetic powers. Carrie is relentlessly bullied at school and terrorized by her overprotective mother at home. Things begin to look up for Carrie when classmate Sue Snell convinces her boyfriend, Tommy Ross to take Carrie to prom as a way to make amends for the cruelty she has endured; however, the school bully, Chris has other ideas and everything culminates in a disastrous and deadly night at prom.

You ain't seen nothin' yet - It's gonna be a night we'll never forget


This production of Carrie The Musical will have alternating casting of Carrie:

Performance Carrie
Friday Sept 15 7:30PM Alexa Jobs
Saturday Sept 16 7:30PM Deidra Michel
Sunday Sept 17 2:00PM Alexa Jobs
Tuesday Sept 19 7:30PM Deidra Michel
Wednesday Sept 20 7:30PM Alexa Jobs
Thursday Sept 21 7:30PM Deidra Michel
Friday Sept 22 7:30PM Alexa Jobs
Saturday Sept 23 2:00PM Deidra Michel
Saturday Sept 23 7:30PM Alexa Jobs
Sunday Sept 24 2:00PM Deidra Michel
Tuesday Sept 26 7:30PM Alexa Jobs
Wednesday Sept 27 7:30PM Deidra Michel
Thursday Sept 28 7:30PM Alexa Jobs
Friday Sept 29 7:30PM Deidra Michel
Saturday Sept 30 2:00PM Alexa Jobs
Saturday Sept 30 7:30PM Deidra Miche