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National Geographic Live

Doug Smith: Wild Wolves of Yellowstone

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Yellowstone National Park’s two million acres of wilderness contain many stories, including one of the best case studies in wildlife conservation ever told. 

National Geographic Explorer and wildlife biologist Doug Smith was hired by Yellowstone in the 1990s to reintroduce gray wolves into America’s first national park. Unsure of the outcome, Smith and his team hoped for the best and watched – closely documenting every ripple effect – as the wolves restored balance in the ecosystem. This moving, hopeful example of the power of nature led him to spearhead the Yellowstone Wolf Project, one of the most prominent wolf research programs in the world.

Go behind the scenes – including never-before-seen photos and videos – of the quest to bring wolves back and the incredible changes that happened after they arrived. Don’t miss this story of the resilience of nature in the Jack Singer Concert Hall at Arts Commons from the man who witnessed it all. 

ASL Interpretation at National Geographic Live
Arts Commons Presents will provide an ASL Interpreter at both presentations of Doug Smith: Wild Wolves of Yellowstone. The interpreter will be located toward the left side of the stage when viewing from your seat. For the best view, choose Orchestra or Mezzanine level seating. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please email

For more than a quarter century, Smith was the face of one of the most historic and controversial government conservation initiatives of all time.” - Ryan Devereau, The Intercept 

“Doug’s leadership and expertise in the decades following the reintroduction have helped ensure this keystone species continues to thrive across the Yellowstone landscape...”
– Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly