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Mide Kadiri



I love telling stories through drawings and paintings. I love making large pieces of art. Art has given me the ability to appreciate my surroundings, treat those around me kindly, and reinforce self-positivity. Art has let me express the unfathomable, to communicate my unexplainable emotions and to connect with our world of diverse peoples. By creating public art, I can express myself at a greater level. I can connect more with people that I might never talk to in my life. That’s the power of public art. To inspire those that we unknowingly cross paths with every day.


Mide Kadie is a multidisciplinary storyteller who uses art to tell complex and visual stories. The mediums he practices with are ink on paper, digital arts, film and video, painting, murals, and exhibitions. He has been into creating art since he was a child and he taught himself how to draw and colour. He is currently a U of C and SAIT graduate with a major in film studies and production. He has also worked on mural projects with YYC BUMP and the City of Calgary. Throughout 2023-2024, he will be working on his short, animated film with Quickdraw Animation Society. His film will screen at GIRAF festival in November 2024. 

Instagram: @midesstash