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Lia Pereira

(I Speak Art II) Lia Pereira - Seashells and rocks [867]


If you were moving to another country today, 10 thousand kilometers away, with a new language and an extremely contrasting climate and culture, what would you take with you as pieces of memory from your homeland?  

What would you select, from your whole personal journey, places you visited, loved ones that you'll leave behind, that would fit in your luggage, limited to 50lb which has also to be filled with your essential items, clothes, and documents?  

This exhibition showcases special belongings carefully selected by Brazilians who chose Calgary as their new home. From items that represent regional heritage or family heirloom, to symbols of national culture, discover the meaning behind these totems of the third largest country on the American continent.  

More than simple objects, these pieces have become parts of the complex process of farewell and adaptation of individuals and families, and the importance of these totems in maintaining and building their identity heritage in a new country. 


Lia is a newcomer writer and storyteller living in Calgary - Mohkinstsis, finding her own language expressions between English & Portuguese. Four years ago, she left the beautiful beaches and magical forests of Brazil to seek new stories in Canada.  

She is passionate about the daily adventure of living, fascinated by human resilience and interested in hearing and telling stories about the different beginnings that everyone, newcomers or not, faces throughout their lives. 

Lia shares her adventure of living with her partner Daniel Monzon and their faithful squire Nina. She loves to read and spend time walking through the city streets with headphones and camera on, finding the protagonists of her stories and projects.