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Autumn Whiteway


Autumn Whiteway (“Night Singing Woman”) is a Saulteaux/Métis archaeologist, artist, traditional craftworker, and curator based in Mohkinstsis (Calgary, Alberta). She explores Indigenous themes from a contemporary perspective through painting, digital art, and photography. Her painting and digital art is primarily focused on the heavily symbolic Woodland Style of Indigenous art, while her photographic practice is used as a form of activism to highlight Indigenous issues. Her curatorial work focuses on elevating the voices of Indigenous creatives through a series of Indigenous focused exhibitions. She has an M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Manitoba (2017), a B.Sc. in Archaeology, and a B.A. in Greek and Roman Studies. 

"They all represent reconciliation to me in various ways, via educating the public about uncomfortable truths or reclamation of culture, knowledge and language. "

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