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miyotehiskwew art

healing_miyotehiskwew art

ᒥᔪᑌᐦ ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ miyotehiskwew katoyiis akii Dr. Karlee Fellner is a citizen of the Métis Nation of Alberta. She is an Alberta-based Cree/Métis artist, professor, psychologist, and founder of maskihkiy wellness. Her visual art is typically acrylic and mixed media on canvas, though she also practices traditional arts such as beadwork, drum making, and practical handiwork. She is a writer, ceremonialist, traditional jingle dancer, and singer and drummer. Karlee’s maternal Cree/Métis family was removed from Beaver Lake through Métis scrip that relocated them to Round Hill. Karlee was born in nearby Camrose and grew up in a small town just outside of Edmonton. Karlee is a self-taught artist who began painting with acrylics in 2015 as a form of personal therapy, which quickly evolved to works that support and express her Cree/Métis cultures, languages, and learnings. Karlee has exhibited locally and in the United States.