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Wilmer Aburto

Wilmer Aburto Bio Pic 02


Wilmer Aburto, a Nicaraguan photographer based in Calgary, is passionate about social advocacy through his art. He recently traveled to Nicaragua to facilitate youth art projects and deliver workshops for cultural organizations. Wilmer's work has been exhibited with the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, featured on Freq magazine's cover, and selected for the Italian Publication Imago Mundi, which was exhibited alongside the Venice Biennale. He has received several awards for leadership, inclusivity, community partnership, and arts culture. 


My photography creates inclusive spaces by bringing visibility to underrepresented communities, including gender/sexually diverse and POC.

I've published three books celebrating the iconic beauty of Black and Brown bodies. The portraits capture the sacredness and unlimited potential of racialized individuals and the intersections we represent. 

Instagram: @wilmerphotography