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Walter MacDonald White Bear



Walter MacDonald White Bear is a Cree singer-songwriter, educator, and motivational speaker originally from the First Nation of Moose Factory, Ontario. With over 25 years of experience working within the education system – social services sectors as an advocate for First Nation Youth and Families, MacDonald White Bear is a bridge between cultures, confusion, and healing. 

A student himself of the traditional teachings, Walter was raised in a home shadowed by residential school trauma. His story brings understanding to those working with and trying to understand the challenges and history of today’s First Peoples in Canada. Using traditional Indigenous music, singing, lore and symbolism, his workshops are held in welcoming ways so that everyone is free to explore questions, stories, legends, myths and misunderstandings. 

His work shares an introductory knowledge of native spirituality and how it effects journeys of culture, governance, and place in the Canadian mosaic. Walter uses his gifts as a sweat lodge holder and pipe carrier to convey messages about the power of choice, compassion for all world views and the “special gift” that all human beings were born with.