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Jill Roberts



I am an emerging filmmaker, but visual storytelling has always been my passion. After 20 years of working as a copywriter and commercial video producer, I decided it was time to follow my own creative vision in 2019.

With the help of the Herland Mentorship Program and STORYHIVE, I’ve written and directed two short films since then. B*TCH (2020), is a narrative short about a female werewolf who feeds on toxic masculinity. Sensei (2021), is a 22-minute documentary that tells the story of Natalie Olson, the first Canadian with Down syndrome to achieve her black belt in karate. In 2022, I received an Artist Microgrant from the Calgary Arts Development to complete my online filmmaker portfolio.

Whether the project I’m working on is documentary or narrative, I apply the skills I’ve learned in my professional career to create an engaging, empowering, and inclusive audience experience. There is always an element of social justice in my work, and I see my art as a way to question assumptions, offer new perspectives, and melt artificial distinctions between people.

Visually, I’m drawn to bold imagery, imaginative and experimental forms of storytelling, practical effects, and exploring the wonder in everyday objects. Thematically, the allure of unique worlds, industrial design and decay, nature and wildness, and the visual passage of time influence my work.

My goals as an emerging filmmaker are to grow my abilities through practice and continuous learning, broaden my network of collaborators, and explore opportunities in related fields including animation, installation, performance art, and theatre.
Facebook: Sensei Docmentary