Arts Commons is passionate about arts and culture—and the amazing positive impact they can have on a group, a community or a city as a whole.

Over the last decade, Arts Commons has dedicated its multi-disciplinary educational programming to bringing arts and culture to all Calgarians through workshops, theatrical performances, and community-based cultural events. Whether you’re a child, teen, parent, teacher, or performer, Arts Commons is an approachable, unique, and invaluable resource for you to explore your personal creativity and artistic soul. Arts Commons is the champion for arts and culture in Calgary; the very existence of the arts centre is a celebration and continued assurance of creative collaboration within our city.

Arts Commons ensures that educators have the artistic tools to inspire, children have the dramatic teaching to imagine, artists have the education to create and that Calgarians, as a whole, will have a future bright with the inspiration and passion found in a life rich with arts, culture and community. We are proud that Arts Commons is a space where artistic excellence is inspired.

Arts Commons gratefully acknowledges the support of