Bike Access

Cycle Track Network

Calgary's many bike lanes provide a simple, efficient way to get to Arts Commons and avoid parking! Please plan to still arrive one half hour before showtime, because with multiple venues Arts Commons can get busy!

If travelling East or West, 8th avenue SW provides no car zones and bike lanes for a safe route. Bike lanes near Eau Claire can also be used if you are further North. If travelling southbound, 5th Street SW and 7th Street SW are both connected to the Cycle Track Network. When travelling northbound towards Arts Commons, 5th ave SW has a bike lane. 

For more information on cycling routes, including lane closures and weather hazards, visit the Calgary Cycle Track Network 

For safety, please plan your route ahead of time.

Bike Parking

Bike racks are located in front of the Martha Cohen Theatre, and along 8th avenue outside Ca'Puccini and the Jack Singer Concert Hall. For more bike parking downtown, please refer to the city website or download map seen below.