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BD&P World Stage

YAMATO – The Drummers of Japan: Tenmei

Thank you so much for your interest in attending the BD&P World Stage presentation of YAMATO - The Drummers of Japan: Tenmei. Despite best efforts, YAMATO has made the difficult decision to postpone their international tour. Unfortunately, this impacts their scheduled stop in Calgary and can no longer perform this February - but we look forward to having them in our 2022-23 season!

Stay tuned for more information on when YAMATO - The Drummers of Japan will be returning to Calgary.

Energizing and relentlessly powerful, YAMATO – The Drummers of Japan combine the precision of traditional Wadaiko drumming with world-class theatrical showmanship. Experience the kinetic athleticism of these masterful performers in a production that showcases the vivid colour, storytelling, and energy signature of YAMATO. 

YAMATO was founded by Masa Ogawa in 1993 in Nara, “the land of Yamato” which is said to be the birthplace of Japanese culture. Presently based in Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture, YAMATO travels all over the word with Japan’s traditional Wadaiko drums, spreading the pulse of this traditional Japanese art form – with modern technological advancements – into the hearts of audiences worldwide.

This February, they come to Calgary with their new show Tenmei, Japanese for Destiny. Join Arts Commons Presents and the BD&P World Stage series, live and in-person, for this pulse-pounding percussive performance.

“Imagine two thousand years of samurais, Shinto meditation and sake being built up and released through nine feisty young drummers and their kits.”

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