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Arts Commons Presents

National Geographic Live: 2023-24 Season Subscription

The wildly popular National Geographic Live enters its 12th season with Arts Commons Presents of transporting audiences around the globe and inspiring a love for science and our planet. The Explorers of the 2023-24 season take audiences from the highest peaks to the depths of the ocean, deep in the untamed wilds of India, to the Arctic Circle with National Geographic Live’s first Indigenous speaker, and even 65 million years in the past. 

Subscribe to all four performances and receive up to 15% off, plus more subscriber benefits.  

Learn more about an additional add-on performance, Secrets of the Whales: A Film in Concert

Andy Mann: From Summit to Sea     
Sunday November 19 & Monday November 20, 2023 
Dive in with filmmaker and photographer Andy Mann as he journeys from climber to diver, and tells the story of our rapidly changing planet, from top to bottom, in stunning imagery on the Jack Singer Concert Hall stage.   

Sandesh Kadur: Wild Cats Revealed     
Sunday January 28 & Monday January 29, 2024 
Journey with photographer and filmmaker Sandesh Kadur through the diverse landscapes of India to discover its lesser-known felines—from the tiny, grumpy-faced Pallas’s cat to the elusive clouded leopard.   

Lindsay Zanno: T. rex Rises     
Sunday March 10 & Monday March 11, 2024         
Travel back in time with paleontologist Dr. Lindsay Zanno and discover the fascinating story of how a Cretaceous climate crisis gave rise to the most famous mega predator of all time—T. rex. 

Kiliii Yüyan: Life on Thin Ice     
Sunday May 26 & Monday May 27, 2024 
Illuminating the human experience in some of the world’s harshest environments, photographer Kiliii Yüyan leans on his ancestry that is both Nanai and Chinese-American to capture the beauty of the Arctic and its Indigenous inhabitants. 

Always interesting, you always walk away learning something new.


National Geographic Live Patron

Very eye-opening and inspiring.


National Geographic Live Patron

The presentation itself was out of this world.

National Geographic Live Patron

Nat Geo Live is an inspiring, educational, and FUN experience for all ages. The storytelling and format is always spectacular.


National Geographic Live Patron

Nat Geo Live is always inspiring and I leave feeling refreshed.


National Geographic Live Patron