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TD Amplify Cabaret Series

Mars: Second Home

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In this season of TD Amplify Cabarets, we are taking you to the interstellar edges of the known and unknown universe – this is Johnny Carson on the International Space Station. This is Seth Meyers meets Sputnik. Our hosts Sargeant X Comrade – aka Yolanda Sargeant and Evgeniy "Comrade" Bykovets – are piloting the variety show of Calgary's intergalactic dreams to the stage of the Engineered Air Theatre. 

Under the theme of Mars: Second Home, this retro-futuristic variety show will explore a parallel universe in which elements conspired to make Mars our home. What separates us from our Martian mirrors? This is a journey through the uncanny valley to a world of distant siblings and fraternal twins – to return to ourselves with new eyes. 

Featuring guest appearances by artists Jae Sterling and Contra and live performances by cellist Jenny Crane and multi-instrumentalist Kue Varo, and visual spacewalks by projection artist Mackenzie Bedford, Mars: Second Home will reveal the Calgary typically only visible to those in the upside-down.  

"A talk show that takes place in a spaceship is exactly what we all need." - Afros in tha City