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Kawalease ACT

Interrogation (تحقيق)

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Interrogation is the most recent big production play by Kawalease ACT - The Arab Canadian Theatre. The theatre company was founded by Sleman Aldib, the artistic director who came from Syria in 2015. Since then, Sleman has been creating mini shows and plays, attracting local community talent and expanding on their artistic capacities.

The shows included Jasmine, Fight or Flight, Snatched from the Back, and The Opposite. The expanding repertoire garnered support and partnerships from like-minded artistic organizations, such as Swallow-a-bicycle theatre, the Calgary Arab Arts & Culture Society, Calgary Arts Development, and the Canada Council for the Arts.

This prompted the big production, Interrogation, which is the first attempt by an aspiring Canadian-Egyptian playwright motivated by Kawalease ACT.

Interrogation is a play about unrequited love between both humans and between a human and his country. The theme of alienation, coupled with the problem of defining “home,” is recurring throughout the story of a Canadian fearing a desired visit to where he came from.

Throughout the intense interrogation process, the main actor takes us through a nail-biting experience that will leave the audience asking what’s next while they’re at the edge of their seats.

The theatrical experience, Interrogation, will have English simultaneous subtitling, though it is the first Arabic-speaking production.

Pay as much as you love Arts! 

  • $20 Passionate (شغوف)
  • $25 Fond (مغرم)
  • $30 Interested (مهتم)
  • Love arts more? $35 & $40