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TD Amplify Cabaret Series

Earth: Mothership

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In this season of TD Amplify Cabarets, we are taking you to the interstellar edges of the known and unknown universe – this is Johnny Carson on the International Space Station. This is Seth Meyers meets Sputnik. Our hosts Sargeant x Comrade – aka Yolanda Sargeant and Evgeniy "Comrade" Bykovets – are piloting the variety show of Calgary's intergalactic dreams to the stage of the Engineered Air Theatre. 

Under the theme of Earth: Mothership, Sargeant x Comrade are journeying to the core of our shared world. Rooting into the rhythms of water, air, fire and earth, this show travels the limitless connections between all Earthlings and our inescapable dependence on one another. 

Featuring an unmissable roster of performers like R&B musician Zenon, duo Walter MacDonald White Bear and Shone Thistle, violinist James Watson, plus the video compliments of Stefan Lewis and visual projections by Mackenzie Bedford, you’ll need to feel the wavelengths emitting from this cabaret.