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Josee Palacio


Constricted is a figurative examination of conquered spaces controlled by years of Spanish colonized oppression. Expressed through various poses of tension, these androgynous bodies play in a dynamic ritual of hope and action. The figure’s engagement with political, social, and cultural concerns, demand justice and aim to reclaim their sacredness and liberation. The vibrancy of their bodies translate as strength and the position to be witnessed for their inherent divinity. 

Josee Palacio (b. 1995) is a Canadian LatinX artist of Nicaraguan descent holding her BFA in Visual Studies from the University of Calgary. Influenced by the specific geographic, political and social context of her relations to Nicaragua and Canada, Palacio’s practice focuses on swaying between despair and happiness in all its varieties. The interaction and isolation of her figures aim to reflect upon and inform the modern world.