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TD Amplify Cabaret Series

Through the Fire: This Cabaret Can Save Your Life

At a time when survival instincts have kicked into high gear (for two years and counting), this cabaret is a fiery, passionate celebration of the power of art as a method to fight for our lives. This is not a new phenomenon, but one found throughout history and inextricable from pride, protest, and reclamation. The performers in Through the Fire: This Cabaret Can Save Your Life, curated by TD Incubator Fellows and multidisciplinary artists Jae Sterling and Contra, are living testaments. If it feels like there’s chaos in your brain, your legs can’t move, and your heart is frozen, let their fire warm you.

“At this critical juncture, we have a choice to live quietly or to move with vigour, passion and fire. 

Instead of allowing our reality to create chaos in your brain, remind yourself that you are a collector of thoughts, tools, and spirits. Have fire? Share it. Use it to create new paths and new manifestos. But remember to respect it.” - Jae Sterling & Contra

The final TD Amplify Cabaret presentation of the 2021-22 season of Arts Commons Presents, Through the Fire: This Cabaret Can Save Your Life will cap off the season with a blast of the city’s hottest performers: drag artist DeVery Bess, dancer Rufi Oswaldo, musician Natalia Chai, and flamenco dancer Silvia Temis, plus visuals by Bryan Faubert.