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TD Amplify Cabaret Series

Letters Home (That I Didn't Want to Send)

Diaspora. Home. Relations. Words like these are far more complex than mainstream conversations would have us believe. Letters Home (That I Didn’t Want to Send) is a cabaret to dig deeper, say quiet thoughts out loud, and turn a flattened portrayal of cultural background into a full, conflicting, messy picture. Tackling topics of country, nationhood, gender, sexuality, family, ethnicity, and religion, these performers are revealing brave truths through art that have historically struggled to be expressed wherever we call “home,” under the curation of TD Incubator Fellow, hip-hop artist and filmmaker Contra.

“The idea of home, which today can be conflated with the demographic or background you represent, is often flattening. Are there conversations you have been meaning to have with your idea of home that you have not been able to? Are there letters you are hoping to send that are challenging and radical? Can you speak about ‘home’ without performing for the Western gaze?” - Contra

This third TD Amplify Cabaret presentation of the 2021-22 season of Arts Commons Presents, Letters Home (That I Didn’t Want to Send) showcases a lineup of must-see names in Calgary’s indie arts scene: spoken word artist Alisha Ebrahim, dancers Ariel Fuoco and Nicole Charlton Goodbrand, R&B vocalist Tomi Nu and visual artist Harvey Nichol.