Engineered Air Theatre

Completed in 1994 and named by its corporate sponsor Engineered Air, the Engineered Air Theatre is built near the site of the Empress Theatre, which stood on the same city block in 1911. Originally a vaudeville house, interior fittings from the Empress were saved before the site was torn down to make way for the construction of the Centre for Performing Arts (now Arts Commons). The fittings were later incorporated into the Engineered Air Theatre.

  • Perfect for musical performances, lectures, play readings, banquets, seminars, receptions and more.  
  • Seating capacity up to 185
  • Main floor seating is flexible and can be set up in a number of different ways, from lecture seating to cabaret style. 
  • A modern venue featuring a balcony and high level finish with the interior fittings reclaimed from the old Empress Theatre.
  • This venue is wheelchair accessible by a lift, operated by one of our front-of-house staff.