Government Funding

Government foundations and agencies provide vital operational and program support to Arts Commons. Federal, provincial, and municipal investments have played an important role in helping Arts Commons create access, growth, and sustainability in arts and culture. With continued government support, Arts Commons can contribute to the vitality, vibrancy, health and safety of our community, ensuring a desirable quality of life for all citizens.

Government and the Arts


The City of Calgary is committed to ensuring arts and culture remain an essential element in creating a vibrant, creative, and culturally stimulating city and encourages residents to actively participate in and access the arts around the city. The City of Calgary believes Calgarians of all ages can enrich and enhance their lives through creative expression and is dedicated to growing Calgary through a rich and lively arts and cultural community.


The Government of Alberta is proud of our province’s unique and vibrant culture and are committed to its advancement. Through the Spirit of Alberta: Alberta’s Cultural Policy, the department of Culture and Community Spirit focuses on four keystones: access, capacity, excellence, and growth of cultural industries. Through the Spirit of Alberta, the Government of Alberta collaborates with those involved in culture and aims to build a long-term plan with all Albertans to support and promote Alberta’s culture.


The Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage plays a fundamental role in the cultural and civic life of Canadians as they work to promote culture, the arts, heritage, official languages, citizenship, and participation and, Aboriginal, youth and sport initiatives.

Impact of Government Support

  • $7.7 billion of government investment in culture generates $40 billion in economic activity and creates 600,000 jobs.
  • “…investment in the arts generate results with high intrinsic value, that is, a social return on investment that is not easily quantifiable. Quality of life issues are enormously important to business throughout the Provinces in order to attract and retain employees and their families to live and work in our communities…Families want to stay in communities that are rich and diverse with significant opportunities for personal development, including music, dance, drama, and visual arts.” – The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, 2002 Policy Resolution: Investment in the Arts.
  • Canadian performing arts organizations generate $2.70 in revenues for every dollar received from government funding.

Government Supported Programs

With the support of the Government of Canada through Canadian Heritage, Arts Commons has been able to set the standard for exceptional artistic experiences with musicians from around the globe and across the nation with its three music series:. The BD&P World Music Series, PCL Blues Series, and TransCanada Alberta Music Series. These series enrich the cultural life of Calgary with highly renowned performances by local and international musicians and entertainers.

By means of the support of the Government of Alberta through Culture and Community Spirit and Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Arts Commons has been able to provide Albertans with access to programs of artistic and cultural excellence, ensuring all citizens have the opportunity to share, express and experience art and culture in their daily lives.

Through The City of Calgary Civic Partner support, Arts Commons has been able to contribute to the artistic, recreational and cultural choices available to Calgarians by developing a broad scope of programs and initiatives that enhance the long-term sustainability of the arts.

Contact Information

For more information regarding Government Support, please contact Development Officer, Ms. Nicole Latimer at 403.294.7455 ext. 1478 or