Arts Commons presents Visual and Media Arts 

There a currently no calls for submissions for the Arts Commons Galleries. Interested? Please check back later!

Submissions for Broadcast Lab: 

Broadcast Lab (formerly Gallery of Alberta Media Arts) is an exciting micro-cinema programming at Arts Commons in Calgary, Alberta.  Through a peer assessment selection process, Broadcast Lab 
programs up to 24 media artists annually running three months in duration. The media art appears on three television monitors located throughout Arts Commons. This project reaches a diverse audience of all ages; content must be suitable for public spaces. Broadcast Lab supports experimental films, video art, animations, and short documentaries and the selected artists will be compensated by industry standards. 

Submissions for Ledge Gallery/Window Galleries/Lightbox Studio: 

Ledge Gallery: is the most conducive to sculpture, installation and performative pieces – please note that the work is viewed from outside of the windows looking in unless the artist is present (performative piece). To view examples of current Ledge Gallery programming go to the Arts Commons website HERE

Window Galleries: are seven window spaces located across from the Max Bell Theatre. Four of the windows are conducive to sculptural/installation work, three of the windows are more suited to 2D artwork (drawing, painting, photography etc.). Each window is painted white; all have varied measurements, and some are equipped with lighting and power sources. To view examples of current Window Galleries programming go to the Arts Commons website HERE

Lightbox Studio: is a 17’x9’ site specifically for local artists, designers, writers and cultural producers to exhibit works in progress, ideas that are in the middle stages of development or a place to experiment with visual culture. These works in progress take form through an artist in residency format where the space is provided to be used as a studio and exhibition space. To view examples of current Lightbox Studio programming go to the Arts Commons website HERE