Be inspired!

Arts Commons Presents offers a diverse range of music and performance. We host thousands of students and teachers through our Arts Learning, support local artists though our Visual and Media Arts, and proudly participate in community events. We love bringing surprising, exciting, and truly unforgettable experiences to everyday life.

For 2016-17 season we cross oceans and musical boundaries with BD&P World Music, challenge our preconceptions with TD Jazz, get down and dirty with PCL Blues, and experience wonder and awe with National Geographic Live. As I look at the season ahead, the tie that binds is a profound sense of JOY – passionate artists and storytellers gifted in the art of connecting with their audiences.

Behind the scenes, visiting and local artists will share incredible moments of inspiration with students. Newcomers to Canada will enjoy a first visit to our Jack Singer Concert Hall. And everyone is welcome to mingle with art and artists at our Happenings art parties

We strive to make the arts accessible to everyone in our community, despite tough economic times. The arts have the power to impact, inspire, and transform each and every one of us. Think the arts aren’t for you? 

Please ensure you follow Arts Commons on Facebook and @yycarts on Twitter, to be included in our new Rush Seats initiative; you too will experience this power. 

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the individuals, corporations, foundations, government agencies, and partners who give so generously to enable Arts Commons to support innovative education through the arts, elevate the profiles of local artists, and expand the impact of arts and culture in our community.

Won’t you join us?

Jennifer Johnson 
Director, Programming