Faux-Naif by Nate McLeod & Cassandra Paul - The Ledge Gallery

March 9 - May 29, 2016
Faux-Naif by Nate McLeod & Cassandra Paul  - The Ledge Gallery
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Show Dates March 9 - May 29, 2016

Presenter Arts Commons Arts Commons Presents

Venue Ledge Gallery (+15 level of Centre Court in Arts Commons)

Arts Commons Presents
Ledge Gallery: Nate McLeod and Cassandra Paul 
Faux-Naif, an inquiry into art exhibition culture

The Ledge Gallery (+15 level of Centre Court)
Dates: March 9, 2016 to May 29, 2016
Artist Reception: Happenings #4 in Upper Centre Court of Arts Commons was on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 from 6-9pm

Beginning March 9thArts Commons Presents Faux-Naif, a perfectly suited piece to The Ledge Gallery space. Over several weeks, Calgary artists Nate McLeod and Cassandra Paul will be presenting an exhibition about exhibition-making.

By continually adding new works and objects from their studios, as well as constructing new components on an ongoing basis, an exhibition is developed that continually evolves while appearing “resolved” at all times.

The title of the exhibition itself, Faux-Naif is taken from an Akimblog review discussing McLeod and Paul’s recent Pith Gallery exhibition, Under New Management, referring to the fake naïve quality found in paintings by the artists. A similar quality may be found in the installation of this exhibition as works appear to be installed haphazardly or unprofessionally, despite the artists’ extensive knowledge of professional artwork installation.

The two co-founders of Avalanche Institute of Contemporary Art deliberately lean or stack artwork onto one another, balance objects precariously, leave components left unfinished, all in an effort to explore methods of display as the basis for a collaborative art practice.

Studio Hours will be posted weekly                      

Artist Biography

Nate McLeod and Cassandra Paul are Calgary-based artists working primarily in painting and installation. They graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2010 and went on to co-found Avalanche Institute of Contemporary Art in 2012. In addition to their roles as co-founders and directors, they both maintain independent and collaborative studio practices, exhibiting their work both locally and nationally.

McLeod’s studio-based projects are currently focused on ideas of ownership, authenticity, immediacy, value, remediation, and the role of the Internet and other digital technologies in contemporary art, while Paul’s recent work appropriates imagery of mass marketing and everyday objects as a catalyst for contemporary painting.



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