Why We Are Here - Lougheed House

Why We Are Here - Lougheed House
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Presenter One Yellow Rabbit One Yellow Rabbit

Venue Lougheed House, 707 13 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Presents Nightswimming Theatre’s

Why We Are Here – Created by Martin Julien & Brian Quirt

January 22, 2017
@ 3:00pm
Lougheed House
707 13 Ave SW

Why We Are Here! is a unique and stand-alone experience that invites audience members to become a choir and sing in a site that they would not normally be able to sing in.

Why We Are Here! is Nightswimming’s site specific pop-up choir that places audiences at the centre of an exhilarating choral adventure — and they’re the singers. Each night explores aspects of Calgary’s history and landscape, featuring three of the city’s top choral directors and acclaimed artist, Michelle Thrush, in an invigorating theatrical event about right here and right now.

Each night the audience becomes a choir and gains new perspectives on the city through theatrical surprises based on the music, the venue and events of the day.

Nightswimming is an award-winning Toronto-based dramaturgical theatre company with a national mandate focused on research, creation and performance through commissioning and developing new Canadian plays, musical works and dance. Join us for one, two or all three evenings as we explore Calgary through song.