Window Galleries - Fall 2016

September 5 - November 27, 2016
Window Galleries - Fall 2016
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Show Dates September 5 - November 27, 2016

Presenter Arts Commons Arts Commons Presents

Venue Window Galleries (across from Max Bell Theatre in Arts Commons)

Arts Commons Presents 
Window Galleries

A painting exhibition about humour, self-awareness, and abstraction

Window Galleries (across from Max Bell Theatre in Arts Commons)
Dates: September 5, 2016 to November 27, 2016
Artist Reception: Happenings #6 in Upper Centre Court at Arts Commons on Monday, October 31 from 6-9pm

Coming to the Window Galleries in Arts Commons is a layered and insightful meta-work from three talented and emerging artists.

Rhys Farrell’s Patterns on Patterns consists of paintings and sculptures dealing with the combination of pattern and arrangement, exploring the odea of collages and paintings-within-paintings. Through the repetition of shape,line, and colour, a pattern is created—groupings that either cooperate, contrast, or complement each other.

Pieter Kuschke’s This is a Painting is a series of paintings that question what makes up a painting, and what paintings are to modern art. The apparent textual meta-narrative is coupled with Kuschke’s self-critical sense of humour, as he seeks to pinpoint the aura and materiality of painting.

Lindsay WellsCruel Triumphs is a series of representational abstract paintings of cats, vases, and wilting flowers, which are mutated and deformed to represent crazed desire, ownership, and feminine impulse.

Artist Biographies

Rhys Farrell has recently graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design where he earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a Major in Painting. His work deals with colour, pattern, arrangement, and the importance of the combination of these elements. During his undergrad, Farrell demonstrated a mature studio practice. This has led him to a variety of opportunities such as a large installation project from the TELUS Spark Centre, he was selected to exhibit his first professional solo show at the Herringer Kiss Gallery in 2015, as well as being a Painting Department Student Representative at the Alberta College of Art + Design.

Pieter Kuschke is an emerging artist and painter. Originally born in South Africa, Pieter moved to Canada as child where he grew up in small town Manitoba, and Drumheller, Alberta, before moving to the city of Calgary. He’s resided in the city the past 10 years, the longest place he’s called home, where he attended the Alberta College of Art + Design and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction in Painting in 2015.

Lindsay Wells creates works that are in conversation with her daily life. They are humorous reflections of human tragedy in its glory and peril. The pieces strip away the curtain that hides idiosyncrasies often seen as faults and allows the strange characteristics to shine at the forefront. Her work is often loose with many layers, textures and colors reflecting the compulsive nature of constructing and deconstructing one’s self to its true form.



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