Spectral Sound System

May 2 - August 31, 2016
Spectral Sound System
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Show Dates May 2 - August 31, 2016

Presenter Arts Commons Arts Commons Presents

Venue +15 Hallway (near Alberta Theatre Projects and Theatre Calgary offices at Arts Commons)

Arts Commons Presents
The +15 Sounscape

Spectral Sound System by Michael Trommer

Location: +15 Hallway (Near Alberta Theatre Projects and Theatre Calgary offices in Arts Commons) 
Date: May 2, 2016 - August 31, 2016
Artist Reception: Happenings #5 in Upper Centre Court at Arts Commons on Thursday, August 11th from 6-9pm

The +15 Soundscape in Arts Commons is soon to be home to the Spectral Sound System, a wander into Michael Trommer’s polytextural sonic landscape. This new sound installation, as part of Arts Commons Presents Visual & Media Arts programming, begins on May 2, 2016.

Spectral Sound System is based on field recordings made in the corridors and pathways of central business districts in Toronto, Tokyo, Berlin and Montréal.

Combining recorded elements of ambient noise, background ‘Muzak’ and electromagnetic frequencies captured on specially constructed induction microphones, the three types of source sounds have been digitally mixed and processed into a dense, cyclical sonic environment.

Trommer’s piece is intended as an echo of parallel urban spaces in different parts of the globe. It is an acoustic ghost – the warm, spectral haze of distant yet electronically and commercially connected locales – meshing, emerging and receding from the actual, diegetic soundscape of the +15 system.

Artist Biography

Michael Trommer is a Toronto based producer and sound artist; his experimental work has been focused primarily on psychogeographical and acoustemological explorations via the use of field recordings and expanded video techniques. Michael also creates gallery-based audio installation work; He has exhibited work at Australia’s ‘Liquid Architecture’ festival, Kunsthalle Schirn in Frankfurt, Cordoba’s art:tech and Köln’s soundLAB , among others. His soundscapes have also been included in Dodi Nash’s ‘Listening Shell’ installation, on permanent exhibit at London’s Victoria and Albert museum.


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