Festival of Animated Objects: The Unlikely Birth of Istvan

Festival of Animated Objects: The Unlikely Birth of Istvan
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Presenter Festival of Animated Objects

Venue DJD Dance Centre 111 - 12 Ave SE Calgary

Puppetry for adults. Recommended for ages 18+

By the Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Back in the apocalyptic winter of 1999, a ragtag gaggle of peculiar people gathered on a ranch in southern Alberta and called themselves the Old Trout Puppet Workshop.  After months of monkish isolation, they managed to distil the fundamental truths of the cosmos into a concise theorem: a metaphysical Punch and Judy show for adults, explaining birth, death, and everything in between.  They premiered the show in the old bunkhouse to an audience of bewildered cowboys and Hutterites, and the rest is history… minor history, yes, but history nonetheless, for the Old Trouts have since gone on to tour the world with their work, and The Unlikely Birth of Istvan – specially remounted this year for the Festival of Animated Objects – is the show that started it all. 

Arrive early for free evening pre-show performances of Dung The Road / Pommes de route March 16, 17 & 18

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