The Story of Plants

December 5, 2016 - February 27, 2017
The Story of Plants
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Show Dates December 5, 2016 - February 27, 2017

Presenter Arts Commons Arts Commons Presents

Venue Lightbox Studio in Arts Commons (Beside Martha Cohen Theatre)

Arts Commons Presents
Lightbox Studio

The Story of Plants
Alyssa Ellis

Location: Lightbox Studio (Beside the Martha Cohen Theatre)
Dates: December 5, 2016 to February 28, 2017
Artist Reception: Happenings #7 in the theme of Tactile Intrigue on the Mezzanine Level of Arts Commons on February 27, 2017 from 6-9pm

Arts Commons Presents is excited to showcase Calgary artist Alyssa EllisThe Story of Plants in the Lightbox Studio, an exploration of humanity’s relationship and reliance on plants.

Using Grant Allen’s 1885 pocket book The Story of the Plants as a guide, Ellis maneuvers herself through the Arts Commons building and the Lightbox Studio space in an effort to interact with plants in unique and varying ways. While exploring all 14 chapters of the book that range from “The Past History of Plants” to “How Plants Marry”, the artists will develop a new body of work that highlights our relationships with plants and once again solidifies their importance in our lives.

“I’m in a constant ongoing, revolving and dissolving love affair with botanical life forms,” says Ellis. “We work together, play together and by all means study together, in order to further develop our complicated relationship. Whether it’s between them and myself, or others and them, we are always arguing over the effects of dependence or chaos and how both affect each other and us.”

Artist Biographies:

Alyssa Ellis is a Canadian artist currently based in Calgary, Alberta. She received a BFA from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2014 and has since engaged in a multidisciplinary practice. Alyssa’s work primarily focuses on plant exploration and botanical life forms, with an unusual interest in natural poison. Recently she has completed a studio-based residency with the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation and a bio art themed residency with the Ayatana Artistic Research Program in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Lightbox Studio at Arts Commons is an experimental studio and exhibition space that promotes studio-based projects, running in 2-3 month intervals.