Gallery of Alberta Media Art (GAMA) - Joe Kelly, Jordan Schinkel, and Raylene Campbell

September 5 - November 27, 2016
Gallery of Alberta Media Art (GAMA) - Joe Kelly, Jordan Schinkel, and Raylene Campbell
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Show Dates September 5 - November 27, 2016

Presenter Arts Commons Arts Commons

Venue Arts Commons Video Monitors

Arts Commons Presents
Gallery of Alberta Media Art (GAMA)

Three Alberta artists demonstrate the use of abstract narratives in experimental media

Location: On the Arts Commons three video monitors:

  • +15 pedway; second level of Jack Singer Concert Hall west end
  • West end of Jack Singer Concert Hall main floor foyer
  • Near Ca’Puccini Café and the stained glass window

Dates: September 5 to November 27, 2016
Artist Reception: Happenings #6 in Upper Centre Court at Arts Commons on Monday, October 31 from 6-9 pm

Arts Commons Gallery of Alberta Media Arts (GAMA) is proud to showcase three short films that experiment with cameraless filmmaking, digital superimposition, and visual music, showing different ways that a narrative can be abstracted to tell a deeper meaning. The films run continuously day-and-night on three public video monitors throughout the centre and are available to everyone entering Arts Commons, for free.

Joe Kelly’s MSG is a 16mm cameraless film employing printing ink directly on film. This is a technique invented by the artist to facilitate the rapid production of cameraless film, a technique that is a slow laborious process where one frame is rendered at a time, sometimes taking years to complete a single short film.

Jordan Schinkel’s A show for nobody is an assemblage composed of collected video fragments, which are combined using methods of digital superimposition. The constructed narrative is a search for anything (or nothing) in the idle landscape of the city after dark—a video nocturne examining mental spaces in your own head.

Raylene Campbell’s Trajectory draws inspiration from the artist’s research on hot springs in western Canada. With the assistance of videographer, Dylan Rhys Howard, this work pairs and juxtaposes footage of various hot springs at Nakusp and the Cave and Basin National Historic Site, with recordings of musical performances captured live at various locations in Edmonton. 

Artist Biographies

Joe Kelly is a Newfoundland born media artists working in Calgary. He studied film and video at the Quickdraw Animation society and the Calgary society of Independent Filmmakers Joe was the artist in residences at the Calgary society of independent filmmakers and has attended two thematic residences at the Banff centre for the Arts. Joe has made a number of films that have been screened and awarded internationally.

Jordan Schinkel is an emerging multidisciplinary artist from Calgary. He is also current student at the Alberta College of Art + Design, pursuing a BFA in Drawing. His work explores the language of fragmentation, trace, and ambiguity through variety of media including video, drawing, and photography.

Raylene Campbell is a sound artist who has embraced various creative practices including improvisation, composition, performance art, sound and image, public intervention, and Deep Listening. She studied/worked as a freelance artist in New York and Montreal from 2000 to 2009, has a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College, and taught in the Department of Music at Concordia University. The focus of Raylene’s creative process involves explorations of acoustic ecology, psychogeography, computer interactive technology, and audience interactivity in both performance and installation environments. Raylene is currently based in Edmonton.



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