Window Galleries - Power and Gender

March 9 - May 27, 2016
Window Galleries - Power and Gender
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Show Dates March 9 - May 27, 2016

Presenter Arts Commons Arts Commons Presents

Venue Window Galleries (across from Max Bell Theatre in Arts Commons)

Arts Commons Presents Visual Arts and Media Arts:

Power and Gender

Window Galleries (across from Max Bell Theatre in Arts Commons)
Dates: March 9, 2016 to May 27, 2016
Artist Reception: Happenings #4 in Upper Centre Court at Arts Commons on Tuesday, April 19 from 6-9pm

Coming to the Window Galleries in Arts Commons are works that each deal in very different mediums to express their individual messages.

Marzieh Mosavarzadeh's’s Is she staring at me, or am I staring at her? is a collection of two sets of photographic prints, showing two different mediums, two representations of a self-portrait, and illustrates the narrative of a constantly shifting, overlapping identity.

melida topilko’s Gilded Lily is an installation comprised of altered found objects resplendent in gold and glitter, each individualized piece portraying an idealized notion of the “female.” The juxtaposition of images, objects and texts play with perception and expectation that is intended as humorous, but also has a deeper theoretical basis.

Zac Slams’ IT’S GONNA HURT uses dreamlike appropriated images that transforms conventional accounts of transgender identity into a free-flowing, throbbing wander through estrogen and testosterone, Inspired by gender-screwy films like Glen or Glenda and Let Me Die a Woman.

Melissa Skowron’s In Service is a series of oil paintings that focus on the power dynamics that occur in the carefully curated environment of fine dining restaurants. Using a selective colour palette, wet layers of viscous paint are piled and dried on top of each other, leading to a construction of the figure that is an abstracted rendering of their physical qualities.

Window Galleries is located in Arts Commons across from the interior doors to the Max Bell Theatre.  Come see these varied and intriguing works starting March 9th.

Artist Biographies

Marzieh Mosavarzadeh finished her B.F.A. in Tehran, her hometown, concentrating in painting, in 2013. She is currently a second year MFA student at the University of Calgary, with a printmaking concentration. Her artistic and research practice is engaged with overlaying depictions of places, portraits and moments which she encounters every day. In these combinations, she shows the speed of change in lifestyles and human interactions. As she has lived in a society that has a hard time accepting people’s individual differences, she wants to demonstrate, through her work, that everyone has a different and unique personality and that it is unreasonable to expect them to be similar in every way.

A longtime resident of Calgary, melinda topilko attended the Alberta College of Art and Design, graduating with distinction from the fibre department. Drawn to the implicit and explicit feminist history of domestic objects, textiles and “home-making” techniques, and with a commitment to research as an integral part of her artistic practice, topilko’s work encompasses a wide range of mediums and methods. Unable to say no to something sparkly or kitschy, topilko uses humour as an access point to her work and its underlying themes.

Zac Slams (b.1992, UK) is an interdisciplinary artist currently working in Calgary. Slams is also a student and research assistant at the University of Calgary. She has previously exhibited at Untitled Art Society, Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival, and Particle + Wave Festival of Media Arts. Currently, she is assembling a video mixtape called “Twink Party Sex Tape” with her boyfriend for EMMEDIA’s “Open Access” program.

Melissa Skowron was born in Calgary where she also received her Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2009. After her studies, through her self-directed studio work, she began to source her paintings from photographs of people in a wide variety of life stages. This process results in a figure painting that is not an exact physical copy of the person but a display of their interpreted essential qualities. Skowron has participated in many local shows including the Ignite! 2012 Emerging Artist’s Show, PARK art show, and as guest designer for Make Fashion. She currently pursues a studio practice in Calgary.



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