January 16 - January 20, 2018
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Price Range $15.00 - $35.00

Show Dates January 16 - January 20, 2018

On Sale Date November 1, 2017 10:00 AM

Presenter One Yellow Rabbit One Yellow Rabbit

Venue The Studio at Vertigo Theatre 161, 115 9th Avenue SE

One Yellow Rabbit presents


January 16 - 20, 2018 – 8:00pm
The Studio at Vertigo Theatre
115 9th Avenue SE

Part of the 32nd annual High Performance Rodeo, Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts

The anthropologist saw me and thought, “I have discovered a new civilization.”
I know this because she told me.
I saw her and thought, “Yes, a babysitter”, but I was polite enough not to tell her.

2020. There's a global pregnancy epidemic, and only Margaret gives birth - to a very unusual baby. They are quarantined in the far North, now a desert. April, an eager anthropologist, arrives to chronicle this unusual family’s struggle to survive and becomes more entangled than she ever anticipated.

In this unsettling and darkly funny new solo piece, playwright/performer Georgina Beaty has created a strange and beautiful dystopia to evoke unsettling truths about where our planet may be headed.

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